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New Moon in Aries! How To Receive Blessings from The Angel Of The Lord & Zodiac Angel Melchidael by Pr. Rosemary

Astrology Angel Magick - New Moon in Aries


Planetary Archangels and Zodiac Angels for High Angelic Magick

Get ready for the New Moon in the sign of Aries The Ram! The New Moon affords opportunity to plant the seeds of resistance or acceptance especially meaningful during Luna’s sojourn through the sign ruled by the Red Planet Mars who is God the Warrior! Rosicrucian Kabbalah assigns this aspect to the Sephira of Geburah and the God Name Elohim Gibor. The seeds of discord may also be sewn with jabs coming at the pure of heart for the purpose of rallying the troops to various causes.
The “angel of the Lord” can be used for blocking or projective energies as well as the Archangels Samael or Kamael as correspondences for the severe frequencies found on the feminine or restrictive side of the Tree. The Choir of Angels known as the Seraphim may also be worked with to repel those attempting to influence the Magus using tactics of fear that exist in this Sephira of the Warrior King.
The Archangel Gabriel can be used for receptive invocations into one’s self or envocations (evocations) into one’s sphere of sensation during this Moon phase if the Magus wishes to test his or her own ability to do battle with and or conquer the forces of coyly manipulative spiritual warfare. The Zodiac Angel is Melchidael specifically used for the Astrological sign of Aries The Ram. Aries The Ram is initiatory resulting from Fire of Fire frequencies or described as the Fire Angel of the Fire Realm.
 Cosmological Event:
4.7.2016 New Moon in Aries
*New Moon ingress Aries The Ram
**A New Moon ingress the sign of Aries plants seeds of passion that may be used for either the invocation or evocation of warlike energies or magical currents that when applied with patience and dignity result in creative rather than destructive outcomes. The intention of the Magus is of superior import at this juncture.
(New Moon/Angel Of The Lord) Brings light into the darkness illuminating the seeds of passion granted to the inhabitants of the realm the natural First House of self and appearances in the sign of Aries/Melchidael) 

Astrology Angel Magick Evocations:


This High Magick Ritual can be used any time during New Moon in Aries

Evocation for New Moon in Aries


Planetary Archangel Correspondences: 
Projective or blocking Planetary Angel: New Moon/Angel of the Lord/Lotus/Shin/Psalm 119:161-168 *You may add Psalm 34:8 for cunning of the wise angelic emanation of the Hebrew Letter “Teth” meaning “snake” that appears above this verse who’s Zodiac Angel is Verchiel to strike at the heart of the enemy of God who is Ha-Satan.
Receptive Planetary Angel: New Moon/Gabriel/Amber Resin/Gimel/Psalm 119:17-24 *You may add Psalm 34:3 for salvation from the Akkadian God “Sin” using the receptive Angelic emanation of the Hebrew Letter “Gimel” meaning “camel” that appears above this verse who’s Planetary Angel is Gabriel who rules over the changeable Moon.
Zodiac Angel Correspondences:
Aries/Melchidael/Tribe of Gad (popular association)/Turmeric, Clove; Diamond/Heh/Psalm 119:33-40; *Note - See Genesis Chapter 49 for Tribes of Israel correspondences.  *Note - Some associate the Tribe of Reuben with the Sign of Aries.
The Adept should use the Tribe of Israel correspondence that best represents his or her expression of initiatory cardinal fire for the invocation or evocation of the Zodiac Angel of Aries who is Melchidael. Calls to the Angelic Realms should fill the Adept’s sphere of sensation with the desired goal. This attribute is more important than following any prescribed instruction though tradition provides necessary as well as welcomed structure to any system of Rosicrucian High Magick performed.
For The Tribe of Gad recite Genesis 49:19 (DRB) Gad, being girded, shall fight before him: and he himself shall be girded backward.
For the Tribe of Ruben recite Genesis 49:3-4 (DRB) Ruben, my firstborn, thou art my strength, and the beginning of my sorrow: excelling in gifts, greater in command. Thou art poured out as water, grow thou not: because thou wentest up to thy father’s bed, and didst defile his couch.
When attempting to prevail over enemies recite Isaias (Isaiah) 49:26 (DRB) And I will feed thy enemies with their own flesh: and they shall be made drunk with their own blood, as with new wine: and all flesh shall know, that I am the Lord that save thee, and thy Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob.
To protect ones home and family recite the Psalm associated with the Hebrew letter “Beth” meaning “house” or “tent” also regarding “family.”
Psalm 119:9-16 (DRB) By what doth a young man correct his way? by observing thy words.
With my whole heart have I sought after thee: let me not stray from thy commandments.
Thy words have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against thee.
Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy justifications.
With my lips I have pronounced all the judgments of thy mouth.
I have been delighted in the way of thy testimonies, as in all riches.
I will meditate on thy commandments: and I will consider thy ways.
I will think of thy justifications: I will not forget thy words.
Remember that words have the power to kill as sure as any other form of weapon. Allow the ego (which is Ha-Satan) to be destroyed at every moment of choice and watch all other facets of your life blossom and bear fruit such as the refreshed spouting of the desiccated rod of Aaron found in:
Numbers 17:8 (DRB) He returned on the following day, and found that the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi, was budded: and that the buds swelling it had bloomed blossoms, which spreading the leaves, were formed into almonds.
Disclaimer: High Magick can be dangerous, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.

*Pr. Rosemary's Rosicrucian Archangel Magick, Planetary and Zodiac Angel Magick Rites and Rituals are intended for the purpose of supporting the establishment of the Universal Kingdom of Christ Jesus through the light currents of Yahweh Asmodai Metatron (Shekinah, Thoth, Isis), Poseidon (Archangel Asariel), Apollo (Archangel Michael), and Zeus (Archangel Sachiel). Furthermore, it is our goal to encourage health of the universal organism expressed through the precise cosmological occurrences of God's great clock. Let all Light Workers act at each eternal moment towards peace and freedom for all sentient beings!

by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperatrix; Hierophantia H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

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