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New Moon in Virgo & Solar Eclipse, How To Receive Blessings from The Angel Of The Lord & Zodiac Angel Hamaliel by Pr. Rosemary

Astrology Angel Magick - New Moon in Virgo & Solar Eclipse


Planetary Archangels and Zodiac Angels for High Angelic Magick

Get ready for the New Moon in the sign of Virgo The Virgin! I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel! Thank you for joining us. Visit my Website for more information about how to get a Spiritual Consultation or Psychic Astrology reading from me. This New Moon gives us an imperative circumstance to plant seeds that electrify the spirit and enliven the soul. New Moon in Virgo generates the characteristics of creating healthy habits, daily routines, and impressive analytical skills.
The Annular Solar Eclipse does not completely envelop the disc of the Sun. This event occurs in the sign of Virgo The Virgin having the Divine Tone of “I Analyze” during a New Moon which serves to accentuate the effects of the current North Node in Virgo with the Moon at its apogee having the result of causing a distancing of emotionality or right brain artistic abilities that are simply in a state of rest at this juncture to enliven the expression of such talent in the months to come. The Moon, Sun, and Earth will be completely aligned during this event.
Protection of the Light of one’s Spirit will be especially vital during Luna’s transit through the sign ruled by the planet Mercury being the night time abode of the Mercurial qualities of Hermes Trismegistus. Creatures react to this mercurial attribute according to their own gifts of eloquence, intelligence, and imagination. Mercury is akin to the Archangel Raphael the Divine Physician.  He is the God “Aesculapius” to the Romans and the God “Asclepius” to the Greeks. The traditional translation of the “The Hippocratic Oath” from the Greek language accomplished by Ludwig Edelstein begins, “I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant…” The Hippocratic Oath then proceeds to ensure the privacy of the patient as well as assurances to do no harm to the patient only applying any treatment or surgical measures for the purpose of healing. The intention is the single most important consideration. The Apostle Paul is associated with the Mercurial aspect of Hermes the Scribe of the Gods while the Apostle Luke was a physician, a Greek, and thus a Gentile known as “Luke the Evangelist.” Mercurial attributes of God display intelligence, healing, and persuasive communication.
Rosicrucian Kabbalah assigns this aspect to the Sephira of Hod and the God Name Elohim Tzabaoth which contains the vision of the Light of Spirit covered by the two veils of temporary illusory reality. The first and outer veil is corruptible flesh being the first to dissolve while the second veil is the soul taking longer to return to the state of prime matter. The spirit is our body of light and our true self given form and memory by its sojourn on earth encompassed by mundane 3D reality.

Associations of the imaginatively intelligent seeds of the natural Sixth House of health, habits, service to others, and daily routines express the best aspects of what I like to call your “personality matrix” making you into an eternal light that acts as a beacon to a world shrouded in confusion and unbelief.

The seeds sewn through this Virgo New Moonlight carry the information of how to organize in such a way as to create self organizing as well as self generating productive life affirming mechanisms.  Virgo rules over digestion and the abdomen which is part of the sephira of Tiphereth in Kabbalah which encompasses a portion of the Heart Chakra in combination with the Solar Plexus. While Virgo is the nighttime residence of Mercury, the daytime Mercurial province is Gemini which is in association with Geburah and Chesed and the upper regions of the chest which include the upper part of the Heart Chakra nevertheless since our focus here is upon Virgo, the ability to care for the self comes into play because Virgo often neglects self care for the purpose of assuring the happiness of others. The engaged sephira of Tiphereth is the abode of harmony, beauty, and all benevolent emanations of light rays meant to generate life and light to the world.
Sixth House preferences for that which is healthy, precise, and disciplined prod you towards getting every nuance in its proper order for the purpose of welcoming dignity, meaning, and purpose into your life. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so care must be taken to include vacation time and fun into schedules at this juncture if a healthy lifestyle is your goal. Many Adepts choose to live out their lives in the sephira of Tiphareth for the purpose of building a desire in the heart towards the Creator while serving humanity. The Solar Logos is the number 666 revealing the secret of the Magick Square of Sol or The Sun upon which the country of America was portioned out and built so as to assure the light of the Sun and success to our great country. This was the gift of Masons such as George Washington to these United States of America. To bless your money simply recite over the script “In God We Trust” the following prayer affirmation, “In Rahum we trust, that the spiritual truth shall set us free and the emancipation of the ego.” Since “Rahum” is the feminine aspect of God such as Mother Mary or the Shechinah Glory, this allows you to receive money. Also, one should receive money with the left hand and give money or gifts with the right to allow for proper flow of life force through the body.
The “angel of the Lord” can be used for blocking or projective energies as well as the Archangel of Mercury who is Raphael because Mercury rules the sign of Virgo. While The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie assigns the Archangel Raphael to Tipareth, The Magician’s Companion by Bill Whitcomb places the Seraphim Michael into this sephira. If you wish to use Mercurial and Heremetic frequencies to fill the air during ritual, use scents of Anise, Frankincense, and Lavender which serve to refresh and already enlightened imagination and distil the ego of impurities or evil inclinations towards things of the temporal corrupt world. All life on earth is in need of refinement and refreshment through further distillation due to the emanation of angelic energetic frequencies from the planet Mercury that awakens consciousness, enlivens our best character, and invokes in us the light of logic and reason. Jesus Christ is a Mercurial God to some when applied to Gemini and his Mother Mary to Virgo. To some he is a Sun God and to others a Lunar Deity while still others see him as a harbinger or even an enforcer of strict Saturnine laws. This is the realm of putting things right and in order so you can flourish within the frequencies of the things that are most important to you such as when God commanded his son Jesus Christ to forfeit himself for the sins of us all so that we are washed clean by the sacred gifts of Christ’s holy blood and body.
The Divine Messenger which is the planet Mercury corresponds to the Hebrew Letter “Beth” while The Zodiac Sign of Virgo is assigned to the path of Yod in Kabbalah where The Secret Seed is found traversing between the sephirot of Chesed and Tiphereth among the 10 sephirot which are the various attributes of God. Yod is the 20th path on “The 32 Paths of Wisdom” found in Kabbalah.
The Choir of Angels known as the Bene Elohim are found in the mercurial sephira of Hod which are capable of divulging scientific messages brought from God’s abode in the heavens to help mankind on earth. Bene Elohim means Sons of God and thus we see that to be a Son of God is possible for everyone especially when utilizing logic and applied natural sciences to attain what is natural and also above nature. Indeed, Kabbalah is such a science allowing the merger of what is spiritual and what is mundane to bring forward a new Aeon of understanding. It is precisely because of this attribute of being a Son of God that some Adepts place Archangel Michael in the sephira of Hod while others place Archangel Raphael into this sephira because of the Air attributes found here. Again, chose which Archangel carries the sensation you wish to project out into your sphere of sensation. Yod means “hand” which includes the wrist as well that is offered to mankind for his redemption by the nailing of corrupted flesh to a tree through the strictness of the God’s laws which man can never hope to live up to lest any man should boast.
We read in Ephesians 2:9-10 (DRB) Not of works, that no man may glory. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus in good works, which God hath prepared that we should walk in them.
The flesh dies first and even the sun or soul burns out in its due time, but the spirit conditioned by ordeal’s performed by the Magus in submission to God exists eternally in a world not comprehended by the darkness of the human mind trapped in subjective experience.
The Archangel Gabriel can be used for receptive invocations into one’s self or envocations (evocations) into one’s sphere of sensation during this Moon phase if the Magus wishes to test his or her own ability to overcome and/or conquer the forces within the self which prove to be full of paranoia born of striving towards corporeal perfectionism rather than spiritual enlightenment. The Zodiac Angel is Hamaliel expressly used for the Astrological sign of Virgo The Virgin. Virgo The Virgin is a logical, service to others, methodical and meticulous sign resulting from Water of Earth frequencies or described as the Water Angel of the Earth Realm.
*New Moon ingress Virgo The Virgin
**A New Moon ingress the sign of Virgo plants seeds of precise logic towards the discipline to produce schedules that serve to organize one’s life and the lives of those cared for which may be used during either the invocation or evocation of logic, analysis, statistical improvement, and precision gotten via the use of magical technological skills for the induction of magical currents that when applied with industry and cold hard facts result in meticulously reliable outcomes. The inner worlds of the Magus; as well as her or his own true will and authority over herself or himself are of the highest magnitude during this time.
(New Moon/Angel Of The Lord) Brings light into the darkness revealing the seeds of discipline, organization, and logical invention granted to the inhabitants of the realm the natural Sixth House of health, habits, and daily disciplines in the sign of Virgo/Hamaliel)

Astrology Angel Magick Evocations:

This High Magick Ritual can be used any time during New Moon in Virgo with a simultaneously occurring Solar Eclipse


Evocation for New Moon in Virgo

Planetary Archangel Correspondences:
Projective or blocking Planetary Angel: New Moon/Angel of the Lord/Lotus/Shin/Psalm 119:161-168 *You may add Psalm 34:8 for cunning of the wise angelic emanation of the Hebrew Letter “Teth” meaning “snake” that appears above this verse who’s Zodiac Angel is Verchiel to strike at the heart of the enemy of God who is Ha-Satan.
Receptive Planetary Angel: New Moon/Gabriel/Amber Resin/Gimel/Psalm 119:17-24 *You may add Psalm 34:3 for salvation from the Akkadian God “Sin” using the receptive Angelic emanation of the Hebrew Letter “Gimel” meaning “camel” that appears above this verse who’s Planetary Angel is Gabriel who rules over the changeable Moon.
Zodiac Angel Correspondences:
Virgo/Hamaliel/Tribe of Naphtali (popular association) Patchouli, Myrrh, Lavender, Peppermint, Storax, Desert Sage, Nutmeg; Sapphire/Yod/Psalm 119: 73-80 *Genesis 49:21 (Tribe of Naphtali/Nephtali) correspondence, while some Magi use the Tribe of Gad for Virgo’s Zodiacal association as found in Genesis 49:19, another Tribe often attributed to Virgo is Benjamin as seen in Genesis 49:27, even so, still others assign the Tribe of Manasses/Manasseh which we read about in Genesis Chapter 48.
For the tribe of Naphtali/Nephtali (popular association) recite Genesis 49:21 (DRB) Nephtali, a hart let loose, and giving words of beauty.
The Adept should use the Tribe of Israel correspondence that best represents his or her expression of mutable earth for the invocation or evocation of the Zodiac Angel of Virgo who is Hamaliel. Calls to the Angelic Realms should fill Adept’s sphere of sensation with the desired goal. This attribute is more important than following any prescribed instruction though tradition provides necessary as well as welcomed structure to any system of Rosicrucian High Magick performed.
General biblical protection rite which may be used at any time:
Romans 6:22-23 (DRB) But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, you have your fruit unto sanctification, and the end life everlasting. For the wages of sin is death. But the grace of God, life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Remember that words have the power to heal as sure as any other form of medicinal elixir, tincture, or treatment. Attain the immortal Universal Soul by fulfilling the needs of the other with the highest good possible at every moment of choice and watch all other facets of your life bear fruit such as the Tree Of Life most often associated with an olive tree, which is an actual constellation found in the heavens mentioned in:
Revelation 22:2 In the midst of the street thereof, and on both sides of the river, was the tree of life, bearing twelve fruits, yielding its fruits every month, and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Disclaimer: High Magick can be dangerous, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.

*Pr. Rosemary's Rosicrucian Archangel Magick, Planetary and Zodiac Angel Magick Rites and Rituals are intended for the purpose of supporting the establishment of the Universal Kingdom of Christ Jesus through the light currents of Yahweh Asmodai Metatron (Shekinah, Thoth, Isis), Poseidon (Archangel Asariel), Apollo (Archangel Michael), and Zeus (Archangel Sachiel). Furthermore, it is our goal to encourage health of the universal organism expressed through the precise cosmological occurrences of God's great clock. Let all Light Workers act at each eternal moment towards peace and freedom for all sentient beings!

by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperatrix; Hierophantia H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

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