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TOTALITY! August 21, 2017 T Solar Eclipse In Leo The Lion

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21, 2017

Occurring during a New Moon in Leo

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Transit of The Sun will angle a swath across US and Totality will be visible in United States from Pacific Northwest down into Kentucky during Solar Eclipse Event in the natural Fifth House of children and creative projects. You will need to know where your Moon Sign resides as well as where your Sun Sign dwells. This is especially important because The Moon rules the Fourth House of kitchen, home, and family whereas both The Sun as well as Leo contain Fifth House qualities.

Family, home, and family group gatherings will take precedence over individuals within families. Rather than putting yourself or your family first it will be important to find where you fit in to family establishments being sure to do your part. If you are an asset to your family members taking good care of hearth and home you will do very well during this event but you must find out the Sun and Moon signs of yourself and your loved ones, this is vitally important. We have Life Astrology Charts, Yearly Astrology Charts, or Monthly Astrology Charts. Mini Astrology Workups are also available.

Leo’s ruling planet is The Sun. Sunstone, Citrine, Ruby, Amber, Red Garnet and Yellow Tiger’s Eye are the precious stones used to align one’s self with the energies of the Planetary Angel Michael who is assigned to the planet Sol in Kabbalah since this angel applies varying levels of correction towards what I like to call and individual’s “ego matrix” or “personality matrix” that is the definition of Ha-Satan. Archangel Michael fortifies the soul feeding it from the seeds of philosophical gold made abundant through daily and moment by moment crucifixion of the ego. It’s important to remember that introversion, bashfulness, and shyness are constriction of the light and this type of personality restriction is therefore the largest expression of one’s own ego because it implies that people are observing you when in reality they are actually only looking at and thinking about whom? Themselves! Therefore be mindful of your own inner Sol power when utilizing these potent gemstones in unison with each other.

The Archangel of The Sun who is Michael, commanded by God in Daniel 12:1-3 (DRB) But at that time shall Michael rise up, the great prince, who standeth for the children of thy people: and a time shall come such as never was from the time that nations began even until that time. And at that time shall thy people be saved, every one that shall be found written in the book. And many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth, shall awake: some unto life everlasting, and others unto reproach, to see it always. But they that are learned shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that instruct many to justice, as stars for all eternity.

The Sun is known as the attribute of GOD THE SON found in John 1:4 (DRB) In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

The Moon rules natural Fourth House attributes. Moonstones or pearls are the precious stones used to align one’s self with the energies of the Planetary Angel Gabriel who is assigned to the ancient “planet” Luna in Kabbalah who bestows powerful emotions which come from the heart more powerful than any logic of the mind who like all angelic beings provide the human creature with varying levels of compassion, mercy, consideration, leniency, correction and severity so be mindful of your own power when utilizing these potent gemstones in unison with each other.

Gabriel is Planetary Archangel of The Moon in Kabbalah acclaimed in all Abrahamic faiths. In the “Prophecy Of Daniel” Chapter 8, verses 15-16 (DRB) reads, “And it came to pass when I Daniel saw the vision, and sought the meaning, that behold there stood before me as it were the appearance of a man. And I heard the voice of a man between Ulai: and he called, and said: Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.

Then the Prophet Daniel continues in Chapter 9:21-22 (DRB) As I was yet speaking in prayer, behold the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, flying swiftly touched me at the time of the evening sacrifice. And he instructed me, and spoke to me, and said: O Daniel, I am now come forth to teach thee, and that thou mightiest understand.

Archangel Gabriel is also mentioned in the New Testament, we read in Saint Luke’s Gospel 1:26 (DRB) And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee, called Nazareth,

In 1 ENOCH we read in Chapter 9, verses 1-3, “And then Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel looked down from heaven and saw much blood being shed upon the earth, and all lawlessness being wrought upon the earth. And they said one to another: ‘The earth made without inhabitant cries the voice of their crying up to the gates of heaven. And now to you, the holy ones of heaven, the souls of men make their suit, saying, “Bring our cause before the Most-High.”’

The Moon is known as the attribute of GOD THE MOTHER found in Isaias 30:26 (DRB) And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days: in the day when the Lord shall bind up the wound of his people, and shall heal the stroke of their wound.

This scripture from the Book of Isaias (Isaiah) is actually the giveaway of the secret to deciphering the Torah Code by getting rid of the spaces between the letters which are also numbers giving rise to the way to accomplish the “Great Work” of immortality.
One great book about codes found in scripture is entitled “The Bible Code” author being Michael Drosnin

Disclaimer: High Magick should be used with all mindfulness since powerful forces of manifestation are unleashed, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.

*Pr. Rosemary's Rosicrucian Archangel Magick, Planetary and Zodiac Angel Magick Rites and Rituals are intended for the purpose of supporting the establishment of the Universal Kingdom of Christ Jesus through the light currents of Yahweh Asmodai Metatron (Shekinah, Thoth, Isis), Poseidon (Archangel Asariel), Apollo (Archangel Michael), and Zeus (Archangel Sachiel). Furthermore, it is our goal to encourage health of the universal organism expressed through the precise cosmological occurrences of God's great clock. Let all Light Workers act at each eternal moment towards peace and freedom for all sentient beings!

Information found in this document is based on the “Oral Tradition” known as “Kabbalah” taught to me by Rosicrucian clergy when I was but a young girl the facts of which I have committed to memory.
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by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H. Imperatrix, Hierophantia The Hermetic Order of The Alchemical Flame H.O.A.F. 6=5. Praemonstratrix The Angels Of Light Fellowship Int’l. A.O.L.F.I. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

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