Sunday, August 2, 2015

Autumn Equinox September 23, 2015 Astrology Event, Biblical Protection Rite by Pr. Rosemary

Equinox Rite

 With the Books of Revelation and Psalms for September 23, 2015

by Pr. Rosemary


Autumn Equinox 9.23.2015; Wednesday

Archangel Raphael

Venus in Leo trine Uranus Rx in Aries and Sun ingress Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius

Moon trine Sun ingress Libra and Moon sextile Saturn in Sagittarius

Moon-Capricorn/Aquarius 05:52pm  

All times calculated GMT


9:23.2015 00:00 GMT Sun in Virgo
Virgo/YOD/Peppermint *Psalm 119:73-80

9:23.2015 08:21am GMT Sun in Libra Libra/LAMED/Clove *Psalm 119:89-96

Disclaimer: High Magick can be dangerous, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.

by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperator H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

©2015 Pastor Rosemary
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