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Zodiac Angels (12 Signs) for Gemini Last Quarter Moon `Astrology Angel Magick Evocation by Pastor Rosemary

Astrology Angel Magick - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Zodiac Angels (for 12 signs) and Angel of the Lord to envoke Light.
Angel of the Lord (Angel of the Presence) to envoke or invoke the light of reason into a time of limited intelligence, clear thinking, logic, and reason for when the moon wanes in Gemini, the reason of Zodiac Angel Ambriel wanes. Envoke The Angel of the Lord using the following correspondences: Frankincense/YHShVH/2 Chronicles 32:21; Numbers 20:16
Zodiac Angels and correspondences for Astrology Angel Magick.
Last Quarter Moon in Gemini Planetary Angel: The Archangel of the Moon Gabriel wanes or pulls back from the Gemini Zodiac Angel Ambriel, therefore utilize the Angel of the Lord, or Angel of God, aka the Angel of the Presence.
Gemini Last Quarter Moon September 5, 2015 at 5:54am (12° Gemini 31’) Eastern Time
ARIES/Melchidael: Waning of thinking influence (3rd House) of transportation, messaging, and group dynamics Aries. Pine Needles/Heh/Psalm 119:33-40
TAURUS/Asmodel: Waning of thinking influence (2nd House) of possessions, money, investments, and savings Taurus. Myrrh/Vav/Psalm 119:41-48
GEMINI/Ambriel: Waning of thinking influence (1st House) of outward appearances and focus on self Gemini. Nutmeg/Zain/Psalm 119:49-56
CANCER/Muriel: Waning of thinking influence (12th House) of spirituality, religious retreats, creative community events Cancer. Hibiscus/Cheth/Psalm 119:57-64
LEO/Verchiel: Waning of thinking influence (11th House) of reputation, friends, and community activities Leo. Benzoin/Teth/Psalm 119:65-72
VIRGO/Hamaliel: Waning of thinking influence (10th House) of social standing, position, and fame Virgo. Peppermint/Yoth/Psalm 119:73-80
LIBRA/Zuriel: Waning of thinking influence (9th House) of the deep meaning of life, spiritual path, and life purpose Libra. Saffron/Lamed/Psalm 119:89-96
SCORPIO/Barchiel: Waning of thinking influence (8th House) of birth, sex, death, shared monies, and debts owed Scorpio. Black Copal/Nun/Psalm 119:105-112
SAGITTARIUS/Adnakhiel: Waning of thinking influence (7th House) of committed relationships, litigation, business or partnership contracts Sagittarius. Cedarwood/Samekh/Psalm 119:113-120
CAPRICORN/Hanael: Waning of thinking influence (6th House) of health habits, daily disciplines, and security checks Capricorn. Patchouli/Ayin/Psalm 119:121-128
AQUARIUS/Cambriel: Waning of thinking influence (5th House) of children, creativity, love, or romance Aquarius. Lavender/Tzaddi/Psalm 119:137-144
PISCES/Amnitziel: Waning of thinking influence (4th House) of family, hearth, and home Pisces. Spikenard/Qoph/Psalm 119:145-152
This vlog consists of practical information on exactly how you can evoke Planetary and Zodiacal Angels this week for the purpose of brining in the most positive forces of light to bring you the best possible outcomes in your life because the planets move through not only space/time, but angelic dimensions as well:

Matthew 18:18 (DRB) Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven.

Proper Angelic evocations and offerings to God of potent incense mixtures are methods given to us by Saint John of Patmos:
Revelation 8:3-4 (DRB) And another angel came, and stood before the altar, having a golden censer, and there was given to him much incense, that he should offer of the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar, which is before the throne of God.
4 And the smoke of the incense of the prayers of the saints ascended up before God from the hand of the angel.

Disclaimer: High Magick can be dangerous, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.

by Rosemary A.B. Harper G.H., Imperator H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

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